Rodolfo Petrosino

Gualtiero Tamburini Presidente


Rodolfo Petrosino is the Chief Operating Officer of IDeA FIMIT SGR.

A graduate in architecture from Milan Polytechnic, he has, in the past, been Project Team Manager and Director of Works at Beretta-Hamilton Associates (1991-1993); Head of Professional and Town Planning Services in Italy and abroad with Milano Centrale Servizi Immobiliari (Pirelli Group) (1993-1995); Construction/Maintenance Manager and Head of Development and Construction of Blockbuster Stores (1995-1997); Head of Property Investment and Asset Management at Deutsche Bank Fondimmobiliari (1997-1999); Executive Director and Head of Asset Management in the Investment Banking division of Morgan Stanley (1999-2003); General Manager for Italy at Pirelli Real Estate, as well as General Manager for Europa Commercial Asset Management & Services (2003-2009).

During his time at Pirelli RE and Morgan Stanley, Rodolfo Petrosino sat on the boards of directors of joint venture investment vehicles both in Italy and abroad. He has also sat on the Management Board of Pirelli RE, the Supervisory Board of Pirelli Pekao RE (Poland), the Board of Directors of Pirelli RE Deutschland, as well as on the Boards of Directors of Upim, Rinascente and Sviluppo Italia Turismo. In First Atlantic Real Estate SGR SpA, before its merger with Fimit, he was the Managing Director for Management and Development (2010-2011).

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